6 Reasons to Consider Window Replacement this Fall

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There are plenty of reasons to consider window replacement. If you can, waiting until the fall is better for you and your contractor. However, if your situation is an emergency, you need to do them right away.

Old windows leak, rattle, and often don’t work properly. They also cost you money due to leaking that drives up your energy bill. Window replacement will make a huge difference.

6 Reasons to Consider Window Replacement this Fall

Window replacement is a big job and you need to prepare yourself and your home. Very often, fall is the optimal time.

1. Drafts

If you can feel drafts of air seeping through your windows, that is a great reason to consider window replacement. The drafts are not only uncomfortable, but they cost you money.

Air escaping in or out means you are heating or cooling the outside of the window. That wastes energy and hikes your energy bill up considerably. Old, worn out windows are often drafty.

2. Won’t Open or Close

During the summer months, we may not take much notice if the window sticks a bit. If we close them during a rainstorm, we may assume they stick because they are damp.

But old windows get warped, water damage, and could even be rotting inside. When they don’t work properly, that is a problem and they should be replaced. Wooden window frames need a lot of care.

3. Winter Weatherproofing

A great reason to consider window replacement this fall is they will be winter-ready. While you can get your old windows treated for winter, there isn’t much point if they don’t hold up.

Getting replacement windows and weatherproofing will ensure better energy efficiency. It will keep you more comfortable and help keep your energy bill lower. Weatherproofing is needed but on healthy windows.

4. Better Weather

Waiting until the fall is another great reason to consider window replacement.
The weather is easier to work in for the crew, even though they are pros and can work in any weather.

The material used in window replacement reacts to the weather. The wood, caulking, and other materials react best under better conditions, like the fall or spring. Too hot or too cold can make it all difficult to set properly.

5. Not As Busy

The spring and summer get booked up very quickly, as people start their home improvement projects. Timing is a great reason to consider window replacement in the fall.

You are likely to get your team out much faster and if you book it early, you can enjoy your summer and be better prepared for the work come fall, without missing out on your summer.

6. Prices are Lower

There is a huge demand for contractors during the busiest months. That means they are booked solid and it may cost more to have the work done. Less demand can mean lower prices.

Many companies may even offer discounts for the fall as their work starts to drop off. Take advantage of the cooler weather, the more relaxed crew, and the better prices.

Reasons to Consider Window Replacement this Fall

If your windows are foggy, leaking, make noise when the wind blows, don’t work, or are just old, these are enough reasons to consider window replacement this fall.

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