5 Ways to Improve Your Home through Exterior Remodeling this Spring

exterior remodeling

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Exterior remodeling is a great way to give your old home a new lease on life. Regardless of whether you just want to make it look better or you are considering putting it on market, it could use a good makeover.

Great curb appeal works for you and your entire neighborhood. With a few remodeling jobs, your home can look years younger and far more modern. The best part is, it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Just a few small adjustments can make your entire home look like a brand new one. Spring is an excellent time for exterior remodeling, so start making plans now.

5 Ways to Improve Your Home through Exterior Remodeling

A few small improvements can make a huge difference to the look of your home. Here are a few ways exterior remodeling can help.

1. Siding

New siding is one of the best ways to improve the overall look of your home. Vinyl and wood siding are the two most popular choices. Vinyl siding will last for many years, is bug resistant, and an inexpensive option.

Wood siding adds a classic look and is available in many colors and textures. You can also change the color down the road if you are so inclined. Vinyl will hold its shape and color for many years and is very low maintenance.

2. Windows

New windows can not only make your home look much better, but they help with the way your home functions, as well. They can help you keep control of the temperature, and that can save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year on your energy bills.

If you have older windows, replace them with newer, more modern ones. You can also go a bit bigger in certain areas, to add more fresh air and natural light. There are countless designs to choose from. Consider adding shutters.

3. Doors

What could look better than a beautiful door? This is an easy and inexpensive exterior remodeling option that has endless possibilities. You can paint the door, put in a window, replace the door completely or upgrade the hardware.

You may want to expand the space by adding double doors to make it look better and bigger. Great doors say a lot about the home and beckons your guests to enter.

4. Gutters

Getting new gutters during your exterior remodeling is also an excellent idea. There is little point in doing any of the other work if your old gutters are not up to doing their job.

New gutters will protect your new siding, your new doors, your new windows, plus it protects your foundation, your roof, and your entire home from leaks, water damage, and mold.

5. Landscaping

Don’t forget to include landscaping as an important part of your exterior remodeling venture. The yard, the garden, the trees and bushes are all part and parcel of the overall look of your home.

Whether you like a green lawn or you have a stone path or drive. You can do the entire space over in stone to give it a clean, sleek look. Flowering plants and trees can look beautiful all year round.

Exterior Remodeling

There are so many options available for your next exterior remodeling job. Consider eco-friendly options, low maintenance, and products and materials that will last for many years.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but remember that good quality lasts. It’s worth the investment to get good quality products and a reputable contractor to do all the work.

Exterior remodeling is a great way to dress up your old home. Contact Energy Pro today to get started!

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