5 Ways a Gutter System Protects Your Kansas City Home

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When it rains, it is essential to have a properly functioning gutter system. With reliable and properly installed gutters, you can feel confident rainwater stays away from your foundation and roof. If your gutters are damaged or clogged, it may cause water to begin pooling around the foundation or on the roof, or standing water may start eroding the areas, causing more extensive and expensive problems.

A quality and properly-maintained gutter system is the best way to protect your home. Some of the most significant benefits offered by gutter systems are found here.

1. Avoid Soil Erosion and Floods

Water runoff may overwater portions of your landscape and cause dry areas in other locations. Since your gutters can create an irrigation system, you can use them to water your landscape evenly and to prevent the soil from eroding.

2. Protect Your Home’s Foundation and Exterior

When water runs off your roof, it may wind up close to the foundation of your home. This can damage the siding and paint on the outside of your home, and lead to weather damage or rotting. Overflowing gutters or standing water can also cause damage to other areas, like your windowsills.

If water is allowed to sit close to your home’s foundation, it will put undue pressure on it, which can affect your property. While severe issues will not be seen overnight, it will begin to disintegrate slowly over time. If you put off gutter replacement or repair, it may lead to more severe foundation damage.

3. Protect Your Roof

Did you know if water is allowed to collect in the gutters, it may cause severe damage? If water starts to pool on the roof, it may soak through the shingles, through the roof, and into the attic. This can create both external and internal damage to your home.

4. Protect Your Landscape

If water starts to run off your roof, it will head for your landscaping and foundation. If there is too much water in your garden or on your lawn, it can cause serious damage. However, if you have a properly installed and functioning gutter system, the water will be able to run down, away from your garden and home safely. Then, the water can be collected in your property’s irrigation system, which is set up to water your landscape and garden evenly, and to keep your plants healthy and thriving.

5. Prevent Interior Water Damage

If water begins to seep into your home’s foundation, it may get into the basement. If this happens, water damage can occur, which can also result in mold and mildew growth and other problems. If the problem persists, the water may seep into your walls, too, which can create conditions that are prone to rotting and other issues.

Contact the Professionals for Help with Your Gutters

When it comes to your home’s gutters, there are several factors to consider. Make sure to contact Energy Pro to discuss gutter installation and maintenance to ensure these issues don’t arise.

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