5 Signs of Window Wood Rot and What You Should Do About It

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Wooden window frames are susceptible to excessive moisture, which can cause window wood rot. The biggest problem with window wood rot is that it can often be very advanced before we notice.

Weather, leaks, gutter problems, roofing problems, and even siding concerns can all cause the window frames to get damp and rot. Pests, like termites, can also cause problems and allow moisture to get in.

5 Signs of Window Wood Rot and What You Should Do About It

There can be a few signs to look out for when you are suspicious about window wood rot.

1. Leaks or Drafts

If you can feel a draft coming through your window, even if it is closed, or if there are leaks or moisture around the window sill, there could be window wood rot.

There also may be the sound of wind whistling through, the window pains may rattle when the wind blows, or you can hear a lot of outside noise, like traffic, the wind, or people talking.

2. Frames are Soft or Discolored

If you can see dark or damp patches on the wood around your windows, or the wood feels soft or loose, it’s time to get them checked. The moisture and damage could already be rather extensive.

Look for spots that seem to be shrinking or crumbling apart. Moisture inside works from the inside out, so the damage can be extensive by the time you notice.

3. Exterior Damage

There may be signs of cracks, holes, flaking or blistering paint, gaps, window frames pulling away, and even damage to the siding below the window. The window wood rot can travel and spread.

4. Mold and Fungus

You may notice the smell of mold and mildew in your home. This is also caused by moisture and can certainly be an indication of window wood rot. This is more noticeable in areas without ventilation.

There could also be signs of actual mold or fungus around the windows. This can appear like a fuzzy layer of growth and may appear in a variety of colors. It should be very recognizable as mold or fungus.

5. Difficult to Open or Close the Window

The wood around your windows will shrink and swell depending on the weather, but if the windows are difficult to operate, there could be rot. Most window frames are seales to cope with the changing weather.

If you can’t get yours open, or it is very difficult, that is likely a sign that the sealant has been destroyed and there is moisture in the wood, causing it to swell and rot.

What to Do About Window Wood Rot

There is a good chance that by the time you find the window wood rot, the damage will be quite extensive. While you may be able to fix smaller parts of the damage, you are better off calling the professionals.

It can be difficult to know if you have actually treated all the rot and therefore, you will not be rid of it and it will continue to grow. You need to have it taken care of by people who know what they are doing.

Give us a call here at Energy Pro if you are worried that you may have window wood rot. We can let you know if you need repairs or replacement and get you a great deal.

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