4 Ways Window Replacement & Installation Will Help Your Home This Spring

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4 Ways Window Replacement & Installation Will Help Your Home This Spring

Are you experiencing the inefficiency of damaged, malfunctioning or old windows in your home? You may not even realize it, but your windows have a great effect on your home’s comfort, efficiency, and structure, plus the equity you have in it.

If you’ve had your windows for a couple of decades or longer, or you’re seeing hardware damage, such as hard-to-shut windows or lack of seals to protect you from drafts and moisture, you’re probably ready for window replacement and installation.

Energy Pro Windows & Siding would love to help you with your window replacement and installation services this spring. It will not only benefit you for the spring and summer, but for the rest of the year and for decades to come.

4 Ways Your Home Will Benefit from Window Replacement & Installation This Spring

1. You will be energy efficient for the heat wave

In the spring and summer, you have to start worrying about paying for your air conditioning bills. If you’ve already been experiencing high energy bills, you’re probably ready to get some relief from them, and there’s one surefire way to do so: window replacement and installation.

When your windows aren’t keeping out air properly, you feel drafts and hot/cold air coming in from outside, making your air conditioner or heater overwork itself, and then your utility bills are sky high. Say goodbye to ridiculous energy bills this spring and summer – and forever – with expert window replacement and installation in your Kansas City home with windows that will last you for decades to come.

2. You will be ready for storms

We all know that Kansas City weather can be crazy, especially in the spring and summer — the peak of tornado and thunderstorm season. If you’ve lived in Kansas City for a while, you’ve seen your fair share of severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings, and you know that we have to be on the lookout, as well as prepared, for damaging storms to hit.

Are you seeing condensation on your windows or experiencing any leaking? Your windows need to be keeping all water out when the storms come, and if they aren’t, it’s time for window replacement and installation. Maybe your windows have been hit by previous storms and didn’t recover. It’s time to replace them with Kansas City storm proof windows from Energy Pro Windows & Siding. No matter if Kansas City is experiencing strong winds, hail, severe thunderstorms or other severe weather, our windows will have you and your home protected from the elements.

3. Easy functioning

When your windows are old and the hardware is worn down, it can be frustrating to deal with your windows. Sometimes, windows are painted shut, or you have one or more windows that are extremely hard to open and close. Well, how can you save on your energy bills if you can’t let the breeze in on nice days?

Window replacement and installation will be a huge step above painted shut or malfunctioning windows. You’ll know what it feels like to open, close, lock and unlock your windows with ease. No more worrying about not being able to open those couple of old windows that haven’t been replaced for decades. Your new windows that Kansas City’s Energy Pro Windows & Siding will replace and install will be top-notch and easy-to-use, plus they will last two more decades or longer.

4. Improve your home’s equity

Does your house need a facelift? Are you looking to sell your home sometime soon, or in the future? It’s always good to make investments in your home that will pay off later, and window replacement and installation is definitely one of them. Not only will your home look better and function better with new windows, you’ll also see an increase on your home’s equity because of it.

Whether you’re looking to sell now or in the future, buyers are looking for homes with value that will last a long time, and if you get new window replacement and installation from Kansas City’s Energy Pro Windows & Siding, you’re making an investment that will pay off in the future.

Get Help Paying for Window Replacement & Installation with Financing

If many or all of your windows need replacement and installation, there’s a chance you might not want to pay for it all at once. Energy Pro Windows & Siding has financing options available to our Kansas City customers with our Wells Fargo Home Projects Credit Card, which gives you the ability to make payments at your convenience, plus use it on other home improvement projects.

Hire Kansas City’s Trusted Window Replacement & Installation Provider

Energy Pro Windows & Siding is licensed and bonded and has been trusted by Kansas City customers since 2003. We are hard-working, dependable and seasoned, and our hand-selected team of professionals exude the highest level of professionalism, skill and craftsmanship – and none of them are subcontractors.

Whenever we have a home project, our owner personally inspects our work to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied. Check out our windows installation gallery on our website to see our work!

Work with Kansas City’s Top Window Replacement & Installation Provider

Make your home a more valuable, more comfortable and more efficient home this spring with the help of window replacement and installation. To learn more or get your free consultation, call us now at 816-331-7403, contact us online, or email us at info@energyprowindows.com today!. We look forward to speaking with you about your windows!

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