What is the Process for Residential Siding Installation?

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You’re probably curious to learn more about the process for residential siding installation. It’s useful to have at least some idea of what to expect when we come to your home to undertake such an important project. You should always ask questions about complex siding processes like these so that you won’t experience any surprises once they begin.

Basics of the Process for Residential Siding Installation

Here are the general steps we take to do a siding project on your house:

Preparing the House

The first thing we have to do so is get to the 1st envelope of your house’s siding and check everything for wood rot, water absorption, and any other structural damage (down to the studs). Once we’ve addressed that by ripping out and replacing bad material, we’re ready to advance to the 2nd envelope of the siding process.

Wrap the House in Wind/Rain-Proof Barrier

We use a plastic barrier, something called a Tyvek, to wrap the structure and protect against rain/wind damage.

Wrap the House with New Outside Siding & Trim

Then we get to the outermost siding layer where we hang your choice of trim (vinyl, wood, James Hardie, etc.).

Complete all Touch-Ups and Finishes

This is the clean-up phase. We perform all the touch-ups, clean the area of any debris, re-hang the gutters, and check over everything for anomalies.

Residential Siding Installation: 1st and 2nd Envelope Siding

We want to clarify what we mean by the terms “1st envelope” and “2nd envelope.” When we begin with the 1st envelope, we’re talking about the structural siding. We go all the way down to the studs and address any structural damage like wood rot (if applicable). Only once this layer is set optimally do we proceed to the finishing phase, known as the 2nd envelope.

The 2nd envelope is more akin to wrapping your house with a beautiful sweater, designed to protect the house, enhance the aesthetics, protect against intrusive elements and pestilences, and increase the home’s R-value (insulative capacity) for energy savings.

How Long is the Process for Residential Siding Installation?

The duration of the project depends on the size of your house as well as the presence of damages in need of special attention. Two-story houses require more work than smaller homes.

It’s common for us to find wood rot or moisture absorption in the bottom 12-to-16 inches of the structure. If that happens, we must cut it out and replace it with new structural siding, usually OSB material, before getting to the 2nd envelope. This can extend the duration of a siding project.

Generally, our smaller projects last anywhere from two to four days. Something larger or more elaborate might take from a week to a week-and-a-half. Our crew sizes are anywhere from two to six/seven installation technicians.

The process for residential siding installation may take a few days, but it’s well worth it when you see the beautiful finished product.

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Knowing the basic installation process is useful so that you have a broad idea of what to expect. Bear in mind, that we offer installation services for a whole array of siding types:

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